Page Corner Bookmarks

Today I’m taking part in “The Pintester Movement” (see by testing this pin, Page Corner Bookmarks ( A strange choice for my blog it might be, but Pinterest was one of the few activities I could do mostly consistently when I was bedbound, and Sonja’s website gave a very sick lady more than a few laughs on bad days. 

What I needed (aka: didn’t have so substituted accordingly):

Craft supplies - card, pens, stickers

Pretty paper/cardstock – didn’t have… but I do have used folder markers which are at least nice colours and card and an old macbook cover with a nice design
Scissors – check
Mechanical pencil – lost it… substituted with normal pencil and some scissors to score
Glue stick – don’t have one, substituted with PVA
Other decoratey stuff – stickers, for use in irredeemable disaster scenarios
Ruler – couldn’t find it… substituted with drawing-on-a-bit-of-wood, like so:

2013-05-29 13.44.53

I shunned the cheatey envelope-method and the equally cheatey download-method, for I am Crafty Woman and I do it from scratch, darnit!

Cutting shapes out of card

This determination, combined with my totally-a-ruler, may or may not have resulted in the template not being quite the right shape, and needing some last-minute clipping:

clipping the card to the right shape

Using PVA instead of Pritt Stick also turned out to be a rather messy solution…

gluing card

It was only after sticking it down and cutting out the teeth, that I realised that I actually needed to sandwich the toothy-card in between the two layers of triangle. So, I just prised the triangles apart with my Crafty Woman Powers, which did not result in a ginormous unfixable tear and me having to re-do the whole thing:

torn card

partly completed monster bookmark

See? Perfect!
The guide neglected to mention how to produce circles for the eyes, so I decided on the rim of a cider bottle being about the right size (which turned out to be a mistake).

2013-05-29 14.09.08

After emergency drying, the eyes were successfully cut out and stuck down (with maybe a bit of glue on the wrong side).

2013-05-29 14.20.45
And then we had a brief interlude whilst the cat investigated what was going on, and ensured company health and safety rules were being adhered to (such as not spilling alcohol all over your craft projects).

cat sniffing piles of craft material

Some caution on using PVA for this – it really does spread itself about, I had to manually un-stick wrongly-stuck things with scissors. Perhaps establishing emergency glue procedures beforehand is advisable. But then again, what kind of fun doesn’t involve sticky liquid going everywhere?

Conclusion: I think this craft was a win! The monsters look both awesome and cute, and the ones I did with the mac cover even appear fairly tasteful! My friends shall no doubt be receiving lovingly hand-crafted bookmarks with smudgy bits of glue on the front for some time to come.


Final note: Does anyone else’s table look like this after they have been crafting?

messy table

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21 responses to “Page Corner Bookmarks

  1. Pingback: The Pintester Movement: Craft All The Things! | Pintester

    • Thanks! And thanks for running this, it has been really fun to do and to read everyone else’s attempts.

  2. Brilliant post, made me laugh! I’m exactly the same when I attempt to craft (or bake for that matter). My table always ends up looking like yours and the floor around me too. Hope your friends like your monsters, they’re are super cute!

    • Haha, glad I’m not the only one, my floor and sofa are still covered in miscellanious bits of paper (although I sorted the worst of the table).

  3. Good job.

    You should see my kitchen when I first get done soaping! There’s soap drops, jars of fragrance oils, droppers, scoops, plus plastic wrap, waxed paper, and the utensils that need washing everywhere. But it’s worth the clean up.

  4. Adorable!!

    I think they might need to translate those instructions from American English into British English though. In America, glue sticks for these projects are the equivalent to smearing almost a non-existent amount of library paste onto a piece of paper. Aka, in five minutes, it will be unstuck. Need to separate the paper to put in your teeth?? No problem. It’s already unstuck for you!!! I think envelope adhesive is stickier!!

  5. My desk DEFINITELY looks like that after crafting! It will probably look like that after I make these bookmarks too.

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