Saturday Summary

ME & You fundrasing – click to support (facebook link)
The ME research charity ME & You (website: my plug: here ) are part of a competition to win about $17000, which would go directly towards research. To vote for them, click that link and select them in the poll. Voting closes today!

ME/CFS: I am what invisible illness looks like (Jess B, My Journey Thru M.E.)
The many ways in which ME is an invisible illness.

Inflation, deflation and QE (Frances Coppola, Coppola Comment)
A detailed post on Quantitative Easing, and whether it’s working or not. Coppola is wanting to generate some debate on the theory and practicality of QE, so check this out if you want in:

Listening Well as a Person of Privilege (Christena Cleveland)
An insightful and challenging series on how people of privilege can show solidarity with the oppressed.

In which words like “real” and “true” mean things (Sarah Bessey)
On the implications that language has.

Two win sickness benefits test legal challenge (BBC News)
Judges rules that the Work Capability Assessments are unfairly discriminatory against claimants with mental health issues (hurrah!)

Christians: It’s NOT a sin to change your beliefs (Stephan Mattson)
On how theology should be more a natural process of increasing in understanding, and not a rigid adherence to the first thing we ever believed was true.

Petitions to release Karina Hansen from Danish mental hospital
Karina is severely ill with ME, and is being held against her will and that of her family and lawyer. This happened before in the UK, to Sophia Mirza, and she died as a result.

Petition against GP visits being capped

Petition to abolish Rents Conversion Policy

Petition for cumulative impact assessment of welfare reform (WOW Petition)

Petition to ban MPs from voting on matters in which they have a financial interest

Cat lying down playfully

I’m watching… Attack on Titan
I’m reading… Moving in the Prophetic (Greg Haslam)
Use of Weapons (Iain M Banks)
Ruth/1 Samuel
I’m coding… AS3 practice exercises
I’m playing… Battlefield 3


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