Saturday Summary 8/6/13

Exciting news! Let’s do it for ME/Invest in ME (see my plug here) have reached their goal of raising £100,000 for a biomedical research centre in the UK. Their next project is to see a Rituximab trial carried out here too, check out their blog post:
This is great as it won’t be enough to have just the one trial in Norway – multiple Rituximab trials will be important to show whether the drug is a suitable treatment or not. “Independent substantiation” (several independent research results supporting the same conclusion) is generally required by law in order to license a drug for a new use.

PFAM: Call for Submissions – Getting the Attention you Need (Abigail Cashelle, Hidden Courage)
A call for submissions from any patients or friends/carers/family of patients, on the topic of “Getting the attention you need”. This is for the ‘Patients for a moment’ blog carnival, where a different person hosts each month, providing links to lots of articles on the subject. I’ll be taking part too!

DWP Plots Workfare for Part Time Workers(Johnny Void, the void)

The Ultimate Theft (Pam Field, Think Left)

U.S., British intelligence mining data from nine U.S. Internet companies in broad secret program (Barton Gellman & Laura Poitras, Washington Post)
It was strongly suspected, but still scary to have it confirmed.

Thirty things I want the church to know about Christian Feminism (Leigha Cann)

All God’s Children: Loving our LGBTQ friends as we love ourselves (Sean Palmer)

Petition to end gendercide in China

Cat cuddling panda toy

I’m watching… Yuyushiki
I’m reading… A Crown of Swords (Robert Jordan)
1 Samuel/2 Samuel
I’m coding… First iteration of a flash game!
I’m playing… Munchkin Quest


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