The Pile Shall Not Grow

A recent post by Sarah Bessey alerted me to the fact that I too have a slight problem with books, in that I have quite a lot of them to read. It isn’t a problem in itself – I love reading – but apparently that love has gone a little wild. I thought I was reading, quite reasonably, four books – 1 fiction, 1 practical non-fiction, 1 theoretical non-fiction, and the Bible. I mean, I need a bit of variety, right?

But then, I actually took stock. With lists.

Currently, I am reading no less than 9 books. I recall several moments where I could not wait to finish the current book in order to get my mind into the next one, so I just started it anyway. In addition, I have another list of books which I have already purchased, just waiting to be read, and a further list of free e-books which I own and ideally would like to read someday, when I don’t have more pressing desires. Then there’s the list of books my husband bought when I was ill, which I could also read. Oh, and an Amazon wish list. Or three. Or four, actually. I’m pretty sure there’s four. You have to categorise the books, after all.

So, I am making the decision: The Pile Shall Not Grow. Oh, the wishlist pile shall most certainly grow. And probably the free e-book pile too – hey, they are free! But the two important piles, the books-I-am-currently-reading and books-I-have-bought-in-order-to-read… yeah, they are not growing one bit bigger.

I shall finish a book before adding a new book to the pile. The Pile Shall Not Grow.

I shall reduce the pile from 9 to… less than 9. I can’t conceivably have less than 3 (fiction, non-fiction, Bible), but I can have less than 9, at least. The Pile Shall Not Grow.

I shall finish the books I own before buying more I shall finish at least two books I have bought before buying a further book, until the “purchased but not read” list contains less than two books. It’s not a perfect solution, but it at least converges towards unity. The Pile Shall Not Grow.


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