Sunday Summary (16/06/13)

For anyone following the “ME and You” fundraising in Norway, the research council approved meeting some of the costs of the Rituximab trial! This is fantastic news. You can read about that here: and sign a thank-you card to the doctor who has been heading the campaigning, Dr Maria Gjerpe, here:

Learning to receive (Abigail Cashelle, Hidden Courage)

The Blue Ribbon
An ME awareness film being produced in America, based on the everyday experiences of real sufferers. The second link is to a kickstarter project for funding it.

Experts reflect on the FDA stakeholder meeting (Joel, Phoenix Rising)

Disability project makes music using invisible beams (BBC News)

A woman’s voice (Rachel Held Evans, Theoblogy)
On being yourself, not a representative of all women everywhere.

Petition to increase benefits by rate of inflation

Petition against the removal of legal aid

Petition to give people on Carer’s Allowance Working Tax Credits
Carer’s allowance is actually taxable income, but people receiving it aren’t eligible for tax credits…?

Petition to save social care in the UK


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